TOT em

The gift of giving your loved ones the clarity on your end of life wishes, an important conversation, wrapped in a game, given as a gift 

Death is a universal human experience

Western society can’t talk openly about death and dying. Asides from birth, death is the only experience we will all share, so why is it so hard to talk about, and why is it so important that we should? TOTem is a creative way to start a conversation with your family or friends about what matters most. TOTem is built around a set of 40 questions and conversation cues, it acts as a facilitator that guides a group of people through a conversation about living and dying.

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Talking about dying doesn't bring death closer, it’s about planning for life.  By breaking the silence, and starting conversations, we set the foundations for making decisions that are in alignment with our deepest beliefs and values about life and death.

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