Making physical things shapes our identities through the development of personal skill and informs society by putting work into the public sphere" Richard Sennett 


The teYos Project was designed to open up a space of making and discovery. Exploring personal identity through self made objects, its workshops foster creative agency and enable participants to express themselves in an open, hands on medium. 

The vessel casting process was developed to translate the skills and processes used in slip casting ceramics into a teaching practice which isn't constrained by the need for specialist facilities. The workshops focus on DIY casting, which allows for improvisation within the process. Each vessel is unique, and every maker brings their own creative energy to the process. 

The project has worked collaboratively with 'The Prince's Trust' as part of a week long 'Introduction to Product Design' workshop series hosted at Somerset House, seeking to integrate young people out of full-time education or employment into new work streams. Though out its activation, TeYos workshops have popped up across London creating space for intuitive, collaborative learning and social exchange.

Material Connections (Photo Credit: Angus Grant)