The Koppel Project is an arts charity, that acts as guardian for empty central London property and transforms them into arts spaces, providing studio, exhibition, retail and workshop spaces. Each project is unique working within property usage and responding to needs of our growing community. 


Campus has been designed as a living experiment in interdisciplinary, community-driven learning and skill-sharing. For the greater part of the 20th century, specialism was valued above polymathy, but in today's multi-hyphenate world of collectives and community driven practices, over-specialism can leave artists and creatives in London isolated and stagnating, lacking the confidence and support to step outside their comfort zone. 

Campus is an attempt to explore solutions to this problem. For learners and tutors alike it will be a space where artists, makers, and creatives from all walks of life can explore, expand, and deepen their practice without fear of 'failing', 'wasting time', or getting into massive amounts of debt. Learners can explore new skills and topics from across the arts and curate their own personalised programme of study that fits around their London work life. Tutors can see their own work in new light through teaching and skill sharing, and expand or deepen their practice through community collaborations . 


The Campus is comprised of seven 'departments' including film and photography, painting and drawing, campus aims to provide creative practitioners with the space to collaborate, share and gain skills, and experiment freely whilst building a vibrant, close-knit, accessible creative community in central London. A series of site specie work-in-progress residencies have been curated to open up opportunities to ingrate collaboration and cooperation into the development stages of creative works.

Aran Labs, Dream Wake, Round Room Residency

Tianan Ding, Class of 2020 Vision (Photo Credit: Daniele Fummo)

Mathilde Rougier, Class of 2020 Vision (Photo Credit: Daniele Fummo)