the teYos project

Making is connecting - The teYos workshop has been designed to open up a space of making and discovery. Exploring personal identity through self made objects, the workshop fosters creative agency and enables participants to express themselves in an open hands on medium. 

This designed workshop activity teaches rotational moulding, making vessels out of Jesmonite. Utilising material experimentation to foster creative skill and enable participants to express themselves in an open, creative environment.


The Princes Trust x The TeYos Project

“For the 10th annual ‘Introduction to Product Design’ Makerversity invited three Under 25s alumni (now members) to create workshops and experiences around their widely–different practices. Based around the idea of open-source, non-institutional and DIY forms of learning, we looked at the work of Enzo Mari to explore how design is for everyone and how we can make products without the use of complex methods.“


The ‘teYos’ casting process is open; it allows each maker to experiment and learn a new process. Everyone form the Princes trust brought their own unique creative energy to the workshop and process, every single vessel make was totally original and one of a kind.

“I really enjoyed learning new ways to be creative and express myself”



LONDON based vessel casting workshops coming soon …